A Holistic Journey

a holistic journeyA Holistic Journey started all of this…

I first started blogging many moons ago when computers were first invented!

Okay, well that is not true but I did start writing at a very young age. I would write poems, short stories, musings and I would share my opinions about what was going on around me. My diary (they were not called “journals” then) was quite an interesting read…  it was even full of others peoples secrets. [Read more…]

Rice Protein Shake

Rice Protein Shake - Mark Hyman

This satisfying Rice Protein Shake provides essential protein for detoxification, omega-3 fatty acids from flax oil, fiber for healthy digestion and elimination, and antioxidants and phytonutrients from berries and fruit. It will sustain you, balance your blood sugar, and help you control your appetite throughout the day.

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